Why Batman has Some of the Best Villains

One of the greatest things about comic books is the fact that they give us some amazing characters, many of which have human elements to them even if they are generally superhuman.  One of the constant debates is which comic book series have the best villains.  Many have argued that Batman has the best collection of villains, as his “rogues gallery” is something that is generally recognizable by people who are not even really into comic books.  For instance, one does not necessarily have to have ever read a Batman comic book in order to recognize characters like The Joker or The Penguin, and this is something that speaks to the transcendence of these characters.  They are characters that are actually bigger than the genre of story or the comic book industry itself.

The lesser known characters also tend to have stories that humanize them quite a bit.  For instance, Mr. Freeze is a villain who became who he is because of the tragic loss of his wife.  This actually relates perfectly to the Batman world, as Batman himself is a character who became who he is due to the tragic loss of his parents.  This makes a character like Mr. Freeze sympathetic to the reader, even if the reader is rooting against him.  The fact is, most of the villains in the Batman universe have tragic origin stories, and this is a trait that allows the reader to step into the mind of these villains even for a short moment, and it makes their characters three-dimensional.

No matter what your favorite comic book series might happen to be, it is difficult to argue that the Batman comics have some of the most creative, most well thought out villains in the entire industry.