Dog Prosthetics: Costs & Information

If your dog is missing a limb, whether due to illness or injury, a prosthetic may be used in place of the missing leg. Many pet owners choose to use dog prosthetics in such circumstances, as they know there are many benefits offered to the dog with this new limb. But, there are many important details to weigh out to determine if prosthetics is something right for your pet and for your family.

dog prosthetics

What is a Prosthetic?

A prosthetic is an artificial limb that is used to replace a limb that is missing. The artificial limb is designed to operate in a way very similar to the natural limb, enabling the pet to move about and enjoy a more free, fulfilling lifestyle after an injury, illness, or an accident. Although you do not always see a dog wearing a prosthetic after such an injury, their usage is becoming more popular these days.

Prosthetics are made to fit dogs of all sizes, as well as all breeds. Furthermore, pets of all ages can use the artificial limbs. The artificial limbs are attached surgically and do not cause any pain or discomfort to your pet, but instead enhance his life.

Why use a Prosthetic?

Appearance is one reason to use a prosthetic leg on a dog that is missing a limb. Although your pet may not be affected by the appearance, you may want to ensure that he looks as ‘normal’ as other animals, and the artificial leg makes that possible.

It also enables your dog to enjoy the same filling life as he would with the limb. He can walk, run, jump, and otherwise do the things that any other dog can when he has an article limb. Any pet owner wants to see their pet happy, and when he is able to live life to the fullest is when he is usually the happiest. This peace of mind and assurance alone is worthwhile.

How About the Costs?

The amount of money spent for the prosthetic for your dog varies. Several factors influence the costs of the purchase, including the size, the brand, and the features. Typically, expect the artificial limb to cost anywhere between $200 – $900, and sometimes more. It’s best to talk to your vet about the creation of a prosthetic, as well as to compare your options before making any commitments to a prosthetics company.

A prosthetic limb may very well be exactly what you want for your pet if he is missing a limb. Talk to your vet about use of a prosthetic, weigh the pros and cons, and decide if the funds are there to commit for this procedure, and you can easily determine if it is something that you want to go through with or not. For many pet owners, this is a worthier decision, and it may very well be the same way for you. Pets certainly benefit when they are using these artificial limbs.